Hi! I'm Ryan! I'm based out of Chicago, but I love shooting weddings all over the world!


My origin story seems to be different from that of my photo friends. I studied Engineering at U of I in Champaign and did the whole corporate thing for 5 years before realizing I had to try something else. From there, it's a long story that includes a lot of flights, an 8.8 magnitude earthquake, Oktoberfest in Munich, and even romance! It's best discussed over drinks, just like your wedding plans, so let's all meet up and get to know each other!


Weddings are my favorite things to photograph! I think it's the quick and candid moments that are so intensely fun to capture. Hearing a bride say “Wow, we didn’t even see that happen!” or “This is the best picture of my Grandpa I’ve ever seen!” makes me happier than anything. But making creative, unique, and powerful portraits is right up there. Regardless of what I’m shooting on your wedding day, I really like to incorporate strong compositional elements, beautiful light, and fun interaction to hopefully leave everyone with artwork they would be thrilled to hang on their wall today or flip through in an album 30 years from now. Maybe we’ll be able to make the photos into holograms by then! So let’s have fun. Let’s get weird. Let’s do something different!


Beyond taking photos, I do everything I can to make your wedding day as enjoyable as possible. I’ll take deep breaths with you if you need it. I’ll get it right the first time (i.e. no moment “redos”). I’ll keep us on time...I promise! I’ll probably embarrass myself behind the camera way before you’d have an opportunity to do so in front of it, so don’t stress if you’re camera shy. My goal is for you to barely notice me most of the time, but when it’s time for portraits, I want you to feel comfortable and confident in our relationship and the images we make together.


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